Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Course Update

Bridges:  We are hoping to start the bridge cleaning and staining soon.  The cleaning process is easy during play as the guys just step aside for traffic to pass.  The staining process requires some sun, low humidity and mild temperatures.  On days when staining is possible, we may have to close some holes to get the job done.  It doesn’t take long to dry, but it will likely have to happen on days that are nice which means golf will be an issue.  The Pro Shop staff will brief golfers when they check-in. 

Cart Paths:  A full update is available on the Golf Blog:  Some temporary relief to the worst cart path bumps is planned for early December.  We’ll rent a mini excavator with a jackhammer and bust as much up as we can.  We’ll then remove the broken concrete and replace it with crushed stone.  The permanent repair process is planned to start in April 2021.  Tree removal will continue over the winter months.

Greens:  We are going to try and get greens aerated with solid tines over the next couple of weeks if everything goes well.  They are not functioning properly and we want to try and encourage them to dry out quicker following rain events.  If they spend all winter sitting in water, they will not perform well next year.  We plan to purchase a deep tine aerator next spring and have the ability to do the job better and more timely. 

Greens update, click here:  Dave's Superintendent Blog