Sunday, June 28, 2020

Men's Member-Member Final Results

Congratulations to our Men's Member-Member Champions: Tom Gilmore and Eric Raust who won the 4 Hole Modified Alternate Shot Shootout with an aggregate score of -3

Final Result

Closest to Pin winners for Day 1:

#4 – Theo Marcus – 8’ 7”
#8 – Brian Cummings – 1’ 11”
#12 – Bruce Wilmer – 3’ 7”
#15 – David Dye – HOLE IN ONE!!!  

Closest to Pin winners for Day 2:

#4 – Theo Marcus – 12’ 6’’
#8 – Mark Iden – 7’ 3”
#12 – Mike Quick – 5’ 1”
#15 – Bill McCormick – 9’ 10”

Big thanks to our Pro Shop, Harbor Club and Maintenance Staff for making this a great event!

Tuesday, June 16, 2020

FLCC Men’s Member-Guest Invitational

Due to Covid-19 restrictions on our golf operations, the FLCC Men’s Member-Member and Member-Guest dates were swapped. This allows our guests more time to plan and gives us the best chance to host both events.  The 2020 FLCC Member-Guest Invitational will be held: Thursday, July 30 – Saturday, August 1.

The format is very similar to previous years with one exception, we will not have the couple’s awards dinner on Saturday.  Our date swap from the virus resulted in a scheduling conflict at The Cove.  Instead, the awards ceremony will immediately follow the Shootout and be held on the 18th green.

  • In 2019, the registration fee was $675.  With a roughly 25% increase in food cost from the coronavirus, we were looking at $725 or more for this year. Without the awards dinner, the registration fee for 2020 is $575.
  • With the implementation of the World Handicap System Playing Handicap, golfers can choose from the Green, White, or Blue tees.  The member and the guest can even play from different tees.
  • The format remains the same as last year:
    • Thursday, July 30 - 18 hole practice round (One Best Ball Stroke Play), player dinner and Calcutta after.
    • Friday, July 31 - 18 or 27 hole option (Four-Ball Match Play).  Any member and guest who both play the Green tees with play 18 holes on Friday.  All other combos (Blue-Blue, Blue-White, White-White, Blue-Green, etc.) will play 27.
    • Saturday, August 1 - 18 holes (Four-Ball Match Play) and the Shootout.  Award presentation immediately after on the 18th green.
  • On Friday after play, our club is hosting a “Patio Friday.”  We plan to open all 3 venues (Grille, Harbor Club, and The Cove) with food and live music.  This is a great chance to bring spouses and guests so they can see our new venues.  The cost is not included in the Member-Guest registration.

Other great ideas are being discussed and more information will be coming from the Tournament Committee.  Registration details will be in this week’s Golf Gazette.  We are very excited to host a great event and hope you can join us!  

2020 Member-Guest Tournament Committee:
  • Keith Armstrong
  • Terry Thompson
  • Ben Maxwell
  • Ron Morris
  • Drew Falvey, PGA
  • Garrett Moore, PGA
  • Bret Shifflett, GM, PGA
  • Brett DeGallery, Golf Chair

Handicap Peer Review & Playing Alone

Reminder from the FLCC Rules & Handicap Committee:

The World Handicap System aims to provide golfers with plenty of opportunity to submit scores for handicap purposes, ensuring their Handicap Index is reflective of their demonstrated ability. The more acceptable scores a player submits, the more accurate their Handicap Index will be. 

While many competitive and recreational formats of play may be acceptable, there are certain rounds that would not be eligible for handicap purposes. Examples include rounds played while being coached, playing alone or those played in scramble or alternate-shot formats.

By providing plenty of opportunity for golfers to submit acceptable scores for handicap purposes, the World Handicap System encourages golfers to play more often with others on an equitable basis. This helps create a fun and fair game of golf with anyone and anywhere.

Click on this link for an explanation for the USGA:  USGA Peer Review and Playing Alone

Tuesday, June 9, 2020

Golf Course Update

Water coolers:  Water coolers are back on the course.

Range tee mats:  We are using the zoysia grass for the practice facility but will return to the mats as appropriate for the weather and range conditions.  Social Distancing is still required!

Rakes:  Rakes are back out on the course, use them as you see fit.  Place them back in the bunker after use.  For now, our bunker "Lift, clean and place" temporary club policy remains in place.