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Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Results from our Club Championships

A big congratulations to the following winners in the events over the past few weekends.  
Please see the results from each event below and thank you to all who participated.
Ladies’ Club Championship Results 
1st Gross – Becki Davis (157)
2nd Gross – Brenda Sites (160)
 1st Net – Roberta Karch (146)

Men’s Club Championship Results 
1st Gross – Drew Sites (152)
2nd Gross – Rich McGowan (161)
1st Net – Ryan Bell (142)

Men’s Senior Club Championship (ages 50+) Results
 1st Gross – Drew Sites (147)
2nd Gross – Gary Morgan (154)
3rd Gross – John Allison (155)
4th Gross – Rich McGowan (156)
1st Net – Brian Cummings (131)
2nd Net – Barry Duehring (141)
3rd Net – Mark Iden (141)
4th Net – Ray McCutcheon (143)

Men’s Super Senior Club Championship (ages 65+) Results
1st Gross – Terry Thompson (155)
2nd Gross – Steve Pendry (156)
3rd Gross – Karl Karch (160)
1st Net – Craig Rutler (135)
2nd Net – Tom Schneider (138)

Check-in @ Pro Shop before play

2019 has been a great golfing season!  Play on the course and practice on the range have increased this year along with our golf memberships.  To better serve you, we would like to remind everyone to check-in with the Golf Shop before heading out to play.  We want to be sure that we are managing the tee sheet and know who is on the golf course in case of an emergency.  This is especially true for tee times made online as the player or pricing category may need to be adjusted.  Lastly, it is also very important for you to check-in before playing so we may remove any chance of a billing error.  Thank you for your understanding and we look forward to seeing you out on the course!

Thursday, September 26, 2019

Water Levels and Golf's Impact

Our ponds are always a hot topic during droughts.  There are 14 ponds on the golf course, many more throughout the neighborhood, and of course the 288 acre lake.  Of the ponds on the golf course, 9 of them were built after Palmer Design Co. finished the course.  The developer decided they'd make a nice addition for the purpose of selling adjacent lots.  The golf course irrigation system was tapped in many areas to assist in keeping these ponds full.  In some cases, a well is also present to supplement water levels.

Our irrigation pump station, which was designed for an 18 hole course, has become a transfer pump in addition to an irrigation pump.  The pump station sits behind the clubhouse and 18 green on the banks of the big lake.  Pipe size and pumping capacity make it impossible for the pump station to satisfy both the needs of the course and the need for moving water to ponds simultaneously.  Consequently, in dry times when water is in high demand and short supply, the ponds will get lower than we'd like.  When we get some rain, we open pond valves and fill ponds.  We can only open 2-3 at a time and it can take several days to fill one of them when it's extremely low.

We pump approximately 35 million gallons annually and much of that is moving water from the big lake to other ponds on the property.  Water withdrawal data from the flow meter at our pump station is reported annually with Virginia DEQ.  Simple math from the flow meter when we are transferring water to ponds is how we determine a ball park ratio of water used for irrigation vs. pond filling.  For instance....if the only water being used is filling the pond at 3 tee box, then we can take a flow meter reading of, for example 300 gallons per minute, and figure out how many gallons were used.  We record the start and stop time of the valve opening, then do the math.  300 gallons per minute = 18,000 gallons per hour = 144,000 gallons in 8 hours.  Often times ponds receive as much as 300,000 gallons in one "fill up" following a long dry spell.  Ponds at 3 tee, 3 fairway, 3 green, 6 tee, 6 green, 13 tee, 13 green, 15 green, and 18 tee all get healthy doses of water from Fawn Lake every year.  

More math tells us that our 288 acre lake has 7,800,000 gallons per inch of depth at the surface.  One acre of water an inch deep = 27,154 gallons.  Multiply that by 288 acres and you get 7,820,352 gallons of water per inch of water depth.  If the lake drops 3 inches then that's 23,461,056 gallons of water.  Our pump station uses roughly 4.5" of the big lake annually and conservatively 1/3rd of that is for transferring water to other ponds.  At most, in a year of golf course irrigation, 3" of the lake is used.  For perspective, that's equal to the amount that was released to the farm downstream in one weekend recently. 

We are rationing water and have no intent of keeping things green and lush, which is obvious with a quick look around.  Our goal is simply to keep things alive to avoid repair expenses we can't afford.  We will continue to be good stewards of the lake, surrounding wetlands, and all of Fawn Lake.   

Thursday, August 22, 2019

Veterans Day Golf Tournament on 11 November 2019

The Fawn Lake Veterans Group (FLVG), a new organization at Fawn Lake, in partnership with the FLCC (Pro-Shop), is putting together a Veterans Day Golf Tournament on 11 November 2019.  Proceeds from the event will be directed to the FLVG who in turn will donate the funds to the Families of the Wounded Fund (FOTWF)  Although Team Captains must be a FLCC Full Golf Member, all residents of Fawn Lake, as well as guests, are welcome to participate.  The attached Information Bulletin will provide you additional guidance and POC information.  If perhaps you are interested in becoming a sponsor or having your company/business sponsor a part of the tournament, more information is in the Sponsor Support Form -- also attached.  Our intent is to make this an annual celebration/event.  Hope you can join us for this great event!

Wednesday, August 14, 2019

73rd VSGA Women's State Team Matches

Six members of the FLCC competed in the 73rd VSGA Women's State Team Matches at Williamsburg Golf Club on August 18-20 with 23 other clubs.  The team consisted of Becki Davis, Kristin Shifflett, Carol Pendry, Deborah McManus, Roberta Karch, and Brenda Sites.  

The ladies even put in a plug for FLCC to host the event in 2021. Congratulations on qualifying for such a prestigious event and THANKS for being great representatives of our Club!

Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Fredericksburg Amateur

FLCC hosted the Fred Am on August 3-4.  The top 3 spots in the Women's Division were taken by members of our Club! Way to go...  Kristin Shifflett, Becki Davis, and Carol Pendry!

FLCC Ladies' Photo Book Updated - see the blog sidebar

Monday, August 5, 2019

Green Committee Topic of the Week: Monday Golf


Monday Golf

The Golf Course is closed to regular play on Mondays. This closure is needed to provide uninterrupted time for the FLCC Grounds Maintenance Team to perform more time-intensive cleanup, maintenance, and upgrades to the course that cannot be accomplished as part of the normal daily course preparation activities. However, on those Mondays when the scheduled course maintenance needs are limited, the Pro Shop may schedule income-producing outside golf tournaments.

Conditions of Play on Monday for Members are as follows:

a. Monday play is restricted to Full Golf, Junior Executive and Sports Members only. Sports B Members may not play on Mondays. Guests of Full Golf or Sports Members, Social Members and non-member property owners may not play on Mondays.

b. On Mondays, the FLCC Grounds Maintenance Team has the right of way. Golfers must yield to the Maintenance Team, either by waiting or skipping ahead to the next clear hole.

c. The FLCC Golf Carts are not available for Monday Play by Members. Full Golf, Junior Golf and Sports Members may use their private cart or walk, with or without a pull cart.

d. All usual Golf Fees will be charged for Monday play. (I.e. Greens Fees for Sports Members). 

e. Eligible Members may play beginning at noon unless there is a tournament. On Monday tournament days, Members play may begin at the CONCLUSION of the tournament.

f. Players must register a tee time through the Pro Shop prior to the Monday of play or by signing in on a Tee Sheet that will be posted outside the Pro Shop on Mondays.

g. Normally all play should start on Hole # 1. There may be times when the Maintenance Team will need to close the Front Nine or Back Nine. This will be indicated on the Tee Sheet. When the Front Nine is closed, play will start on the Hole #10.

Monday, July 22, 2019

Men's Member-Member Makeup Date - Oct 5-6

The FLCC Men’s Golf Subcommittee, after consultation with the General Manager, PGA Professional Staff, and the Golf Committee postponed the 2019 FLCC Men’s Member-Member in the interest of the safety and enjoyment of our members.  The FLCC Board of Directors was kept in the loop during our deliberations and very much supported the decision.  The makeup date will be: Saturday/Sunday, Oct 5-6.  We anticipate a GREAT event and hope you can join us!  More information will be forthcoming.