Monday, September 14, 2020

2020 Senior & Ladies Club Championship Results

Congratulations to all our participants on a well-played event and a big congrats to our winners!

Ladies Club Championship

1st Gross - Brenda Sites

2nd Gross - Becki Davis


1st Net - Deborah McManus

2nd Net - Caroline Orsini

Senior Club Championship

1st Gross - Drew Sites

2nd Gross - Steve Pendry

3rd Gross - Pete Gorski

4th Gross - John Allison


1st Net - Lou DeTroia

2nd Net - Barry Duehring

3rd Net - David Flynn

4th Net - Bruce Wilmer

Sunday, September 13, 2020

Men’s & Ladies President’s Cup

Full Golf and Sports Members, please join us this year for our 2020 Men’s & Ladies President’s Cup

When: October 3rd & 4th

Price: $50 per player to include lunch on 10/3 & prize money

Format: Four Ball Match Play – (Gross for Men & Net for Ladies)

Men: The Men’s Division MUST shoot a one best ball qualifying score from the Tournament Tees (Gross). The qualifying window is September 11th – October 1st and to qualify each team MUST register in the Pro Shop and have the qualifying score turned in and attested by another individual or pair. The 8 lowest qualifying scores will be seeded 1-8 in a bracket and compete Four Ball Match Play from the Tournament Tees on October 3rd & 4th. If you win you move on!  2019 Champions will be exempt into Match Play but must play a qualifying round for seeding purposes.

Ladies: The Ladies Division WILL NOT have a qualifier to determine seedings 1-8. The first 8 teams to sign up will be seeded in a bracket based on total team handicap index. Ladies will compete Four Ball Match Play from the Gold Tees (Net) at 80% handicap stroking off the low handicap in the group. Max handicap of 40 for each player before 80% adjustment. Ladies will be seeded 1-8 in a bracket and compete Four-Ball Match Play on October 3rd & 4th. If you win you move on!  Matches that extend past 18 holes will be played sudden death with no strokes given.

Friday, September 4, 2020

Golf Rounds Report

FLCC golf rounds update as of the end of August.  We are on pace for over 17,000 rounds of golf played in Fawn Lake in 2020.  As a comparison, two years ago (2018) we played just under 12,000.  That’s a 41% increase in just 2 years!

Big thanks to our great operational golf managers (Bret, Drew, Dave, Garrett, and Ryan) and their staff for all the hard work growing our club in a difficult environment!

Golf Rounds Report

Sunday, August 30, 2020

FLCC Women's Golf Update

Bette Connelly is leaving Fawn Lake and the LGA, moving to Urbana. She has been an active supporter of all things Golf and cherished member and President of the LGA. Thank you, Bette, for everything you have done for our Club, we will miss you! Ginny McGrath has assumed the Presidency of the LGA and Brenda Sites is Treasurer. 

Women's Match Play has been completed. Becki Davis was the winner of the final over Mary Ryan, 2&1. These matches have validated our hole handicap update from earlier this year, with every match extending at least through hole 16.


Three members of women's golf played in the most recent FredAm with 2 finishing in the top 4:  Kristin Shifflett finished 1st and Becki Davis took 4th.  Way to go!!


Three members competed in the VSGA Stroke Play Championships held this year at Kingsmill (River Course). Brenda Sites competed in the Senior Division. Becki Davis and Roberta Karch competed in the Super Senior Division. Becki Davis took Runner-Up.


The VSGA Women's Team Matches are being held 9/1-9/3 at Devil's Knob Golf Course and Fawn Lake is once again fielding a team. Members are Kristin Shifflett, Brenda Sites, Deborah McManus, Carol Pendry, Roberta Karch, and Becki Davis.  Good luck to our FLCC Team! 


Lastly, Sandy Forville graciously took the time and effort to make masks for every member of the LGA. They are truly wonderful and much appreciated!

Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Course Update

All 18 holes and the 2 practice greens have been aerated.  After the rain last night, the course remains unplayable today (Wednesday).  We are also unable to mow.  We will open for play on Thursday with tee times starting at 0800.  Cart path only, it will be messy. 

Additionally, on Monday, August 24, the course will be closed until 3:00pm at which time play can resume under normal Monday Golf Rules.  This will allow maintenance time to finish the sand top-dressing needed for aeration and catch up on mowing.  We have a very busy golf calendar for the remainder of the year and taking care of this much-needed maintenance will serve us well.  We appreciate your support! 

Monday, August 17, 2020

Club Championship & Super Senior Championship Results & Payouts

Club Championship

1st Gross – Andrew Sites  - $150

2nd Gross – Ben Kidwell - $100

3rd Gross – Jaison Perdue - $65


1st Net – Justin Dayney - $150

2nd Net – David Dye - $100

3rd Net – Justin Rastberger - $65


Super Senior Championship

1st Gross – Steve Pendry - $175

2nd Gross – Karl Karch - $120

3rd Gross – Alan Mendleson - $72.50


1st Net – Terry Thompson - $175

2nd Net – Bill McCormick - $120

3rd Net – Jim Avery - $72.50

Thursday, August 6, 2020

Men's Member-Guest Results

While the weather was a bit problematic, we had a great turn out for this years Men's Member-Guest Golf Tournament.  We had an even bigger turnout to watch the Shootout and support friends and family while enjoying the 1781 Brewing Beer Garden.  Thank you to all who participated and congrats to the winners! 

Palmer Flight: Alan Mendleson + Robert Abriss
Nicklaus Flight: Ron Morris + Brian Meyers
Hogan Flight: Mike Quick + Mike Stokes
Watson Flight: Steve Balleh + Chris Chipko 
Jones Flight: Tim Keilty + Kent Wilson
Snead Flight: Allen Payne + Adam Payne
Player Flight: Jim O'Donnell + Brian O'Donnell
Nelson Flight: Tim Canny + Joe Canny

2020 Overall Champions: Alan Mendleson + Robert Abriss

Great job Men and we hope to see you all in the 2021 Men's Member-Guest! 

Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Ladies Member-Member Results

Low Net (with wall of fame recognition):  Candy O'Donnell & Jeannie Bartoszek
2nd Low Net:  Carol Gregory & Kathy Wanat
Low Gross:  Jan Macri & Sandy Forville
2nd Low Gross:  Gaye Lauderback & Joan Schulz

Low Net (with Wall of Fame recognition):  Beth Trites & Caroline Orsini
2nd Low Net:  Betzi Bankey & Carol Welford
3rd Low Net:  Debbie Sandstrom & Mary Ryan
Low Gross:  Becki Davis & Brenda Sites
2nd Low Gross:  Kristin Shifflett & Roberta Karch

Skills Competitions:
CTP:  (Sat) Brenda Sites, Carol Gregory, (Sun) Brenda Sites
Closest to the Line:  (Sat) Roberta Karch, Joan Schulz, (Sun) Caroline Orsini, Margie Stratford

Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Golf Course Maintenance

Dave and his staff are working very hard keeping our course in shape during these hot, dry conditions.  As you have seen, they are hand-watering the course daily.  If you come across them during your round, please allow them a few minutes to finish what they are doing and move out of your way before playing your shot.  They will not hold up play for long.  Sometimes we assume they are going to be there a while and we get impatient.  Please do not hit into them.  The safety of our staff is always our primary concern.  Thank you for the consideration and we appreciate your support!

More great info available on Dave's Blog, click HERE

Sunday, July 19, 2020

Results: FLMG #7

  • 1st - (11) Thompson, Mendleson, Gilmore = $55 each
  • 2nd - (10) Karch, St. Ours, Bowles = $40 each
  • 3rd - (7) Sites, Dorsett, Vance = $30 each
  • 4th - (2) Quick, Marcus, Leake = $20 each
  • 5th - (-1) Pendry, Van Pelt, Leake = $10 each
Low Gross: (74) Sites / Pendry = $12.50 per

Low Net: (65) Gilmore = $25

CTP ($25 for each CTP) :
  • #4 Dye
  • #8 Quick
  • #12 Quick
  • #15 Stumpf
Gross Skins -- 6 Skins at $16 per skin:
  • Pendry with two (2)
  • Quick, Sites, Gilmore, Karch with one (1) each
Net Skins -- 8 Skins at $11 per skin:
  • Dorsett with three (3)
  • Karch with two (2)
  • Quick, Pendry, and Cummings with one (1) each

Friday, July 10, 2020

Update on COVID-19 Temporary Golf Policy Changes

We added restrictions to our golf operations to ensure the safety of our members and keep our course open. We are slowly removing those restrictions.  

  • Effective immediately, the noodle hole inserts have been removed and members are authorized to remove the flagstick as per the Rules of Golf.  
  • Effective Tuesday, July 14, we will be playing the ball down in the bunkers and raking the bunker after a shot will be required. The temporary sand bunker "lift, clean, and place" rule will no longer be in effect.  
    • It is recommended that players use a golf towel or hand sanitizer as appropriate. The safety of our members is still our top priority!  
    • Bunker rakes will be left in the bunkers, parallel to the line of play and in a low spot (if possible).  
    • Any ball resting against a bunker rake will be played in accordance with USGA Rules of Golf: 15.2, posted below.
  • Single rider carts are still optional but not mandatory. This is the only COVID restriction still in effect after Tuesday. Reminder: no more than 2 carts in the fairway per hole mandatory.

USGA Rules of Golf: Rule 15.2
If a player’s ball moves while he or she is removing a movable obstruction:
  • There is no penalty, and
  • The ball must be replaced on its original spot (which if not known must be estimated)
A rake is a movable obstruction. When a ball comes to rest leaning against a rake in the bunker, the player may remove the obstruction. If the ball moves as a result of moving the obstruction, he must replace it. If the ball will not come to rest on the spot where it is placed, he must try again. If the ball will not come to rest on the spot after the second try to place it, the player must place the ball at the nearest spot where it will not move that is no closer to the hole.

See this video:

Monday, July 6, 2020

Monday Golf Policy - #protectourmaintenanceguys

All golfers must we aware of our Monday Golf Policy.  Dave and his staff need time to make repairs that can't be done while the course is open.  All golfers must give way to maintenance on Mondays, to include skipping a hole.  Thank you!

Click here for:  Monday Golf Policy

Saturday, July 4, 2020

Golf Rounds Report - June 2020

If you are a golfer then you know our golf rounds are up.  How much you may not know...

In June 2020, we played 2,511 rounds of golf.  That is a record for FLCC!  Keep in mind, this is mostly member play.  We have had almost no outside events.

As a comparison vs 2018, that's an 85% increase, vs 2019 a 34% increase.

Our lessons and equipment sales are also at record levels.

We thank our current loyal members and our many new members for their support and we look forward to another busy month on the course!

Click Golf Analysis June 2020 for more information.


Thursday, July 2, 2020

Ladies Member-Member

The Ladies Member-Member is scheduled for July 25-26.  Any Full Golf or Sports member is eligible to participate.  Membership in the LGA is not required for this event.  Contact the Pro Shop to sign up.

Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Blue Flags

In the interest of the safety and enjoyment of our golfers, Blue Flag golf carts, on hot days (>80-deg), are authorized to take more than two carts into the fairway unless Cart Path Only restrictions are in place. Once we return to two riders per golf cart, normal golf cart rules will apply.