Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Junior Golf & Tennis Membership Program

For our aspiring junior golfers age 21 and under, we are offering a program to help young players become more involved with our Junior Golf & Tennis Membership.  Golf & tennis are great options to get outdoors for exercise while keeping a safe social distance and learning a sport for a lifetime.  Click on this link for all the details: Junior Golf & Tennis Membership

Monday, April 6, 2020

Update on the FLCC Course Guide

New FLCC Course Guides have been ordered and should arrive in April. There were a few minor updates and they will include the new hole handicaps (a full explanation of those is in a post below). The new Guides will be GREEN so members can easily identify the new vs previous version (currently BLUE).

Reminder, these are at NO COST to our club and we offer them FREE to our members.  We hope you find the Guide useful!  Click here for the new version:  FLCC Course Guide

REMINDER:  New scorecards have been ordered. When they arrive, we will update the GHIN database and go-live with the new hole handicaps. Until then, members are reminded to use current scorecards and hole handicaps, not the new ones as published in this GREEN Guide.  The BLUE Guide is still current.